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Schweiz UNO Topic 4: Education Everyone a teacher - every one a student: How can we make this happen?
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The train that brings you forward (14 Likes)

Add to each train composition a wagon for sharing knowledge i.e. young people teach older ones how to use mobile phones, computers, social media, while older ones can teach about life experience.

Close the generation gap (10 Likes)

All generations teach and learn and there will be a general knowledge that would facilitate dialogue, i.e. climate change

Bilingual from small (6 Likes)

Not so many families are bilingual though it is a big chance, because most older people seem to want to lean languages. So a platform for language tandems with toddlers would be cool and help with cultural exchange

No teacher/student hierarchy (6 Likes)

Stop the learning hierarchy, transform it in a volontary sharing: not to be ashamed of not knowing, be glad to offer what you know.

Be curious (5 Likes)

If you're curious you can teach and you can learn. This is a way to get all answers to your curiosity

Sexy, scale-free society (4 Likes)

Abolish all hierarchical structures, get rid of compulsory education, but make quality learning opportunities accessible to each and everybody - regardless of age

Sustainability fair (3 Likes)

Online platform where people can learn from each other about living a more sustainable life. to learn a skill/behaviour from someone else, you have to share something you do

Paralympic platform inspo (3 Likes)

A platform that showcases inspiring stories of disabled people, like paralympians, doing incredible things

Intergeneration learning communities (3 Likes)

Learners do not have to be always in this role, and to be the youngest. Mix and share.

Learning by teaching (2 Likes)

Children with difficulties in school will teach other people (not necessarily children). Because people grow with their responsibilities

Together (1 Likes)

Having a buffet of interesting views of the same subject. Put them together to learn in an easy way they may be complicate whole

Curiosity (1 Likes)

The best incentive for learning and feeding back to curious students

Anreize für eine neue Gesellschaft (0 Likes)

Subventionen, Steuerlenkung, Kreditvergaben, Handelsabkommen, etc.: All diese Tools sind heute so eingerichtet, dass der Finanzfluss angereizt wird.... und es funktioniert prächtig! Die Gesellschaft soll gefragt werden, was anstatt von Finanzfluss angereizt zu werden. Und das soll dann mittels neuem Messverfahren gemessen und angereizt werden.