BrainStore's Page Types

You can find here all the current page types. To learn more about the page type menu please check it out here.


In overview pages you can add as many pages as you like. The will appear sequentially.

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List pages are great for lists :-). Add as many pages as you like and the items will appear one by one. Clicking on a title will open preview with title, image and lead

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PDF-Pages allow you to integrate PDFs into your sites. You can add a weblink to a file or integrate the file into your page.

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With locations you can

  • Describe locations
  • Add an image and a video
  • Add Geo data

In addition you can add as many links as you like and add additional pages to the location site. E.g. a gallery.

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iFrame from Calendly or

You can add iFrames from the following domains:


Simply enter the URL of the iFrame and it will be embedded

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Nuggets are simple minipages with large images. You ideally use them when you have little text and an important message.

Countdown to new year 2021

The Countdown Page allows you to insert a timer into your node.

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The now, then, later and maybe page.

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Full Story

Similar to overview - lead and body contents of linked pages are displayed.


Add pages and the image, title, lead and body will appear in the form of a table

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Example Product

Design your products!

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This page is ideal to embed a video

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