How to set up an Idea Box

An idea box provides the option to collect discovery idea without an idea city. It will be activated if no content is present from the amassing phase or if you manually activate it in the settings.

This feature can be used for ongoing collection of inputs or features within a team.

To spice up the ideabox you can also add a "question of the month".

To edit results: use the minute taker tool for the discovery phase.

Look at an example here.

1. Create a new Idea Machine

2. Provide the Idea Box Question

3. Change Settings to Idea Box only

Settings → General Settings → Discovery Settings

✅ Use discovery phase only for idea box

4. Prepare the landing page

Online Workshop → Be inspired! (Discovery phase)

5. Test it and share invitation link

In the Cockpit → Online Workshops → By inspired...

Test your Idea Box and share the Invitation link via your site, email or any other tool